Friday, October 10, 2008

Management Course in Italy

What to expect from an MGSM management courseThe combination of mature and experienced students with high quality faculty ensures that the learning experience in your management course is engaging, interactive, challenging and ultimately insightful and rewarding. Our management course class environment encourages debate and contribution to class discussion. To learn is to participate, present and defend your opinions and ideas, and challenge those of others, thereby enriching the learning experience for you and your fellow classmates throughout your management course.Quality faculty teach all MGAM management courses MGSM's talented faculty is committed to rigorous academic quality and excellence in teaching and research. With approximately 40 full-time faculty and some 60 adjunct faculty, students can be assured of a management course that bridges the gap between theory and 'real world' application.Highly qualified academics with extensive industry experience, often combine business with academic life to ensure your management course is taught at the edge of leading management theory. They are sought after consultants in industry and are able to bring a unique perspective to your management course, as they are actually applying and implementing what is being taught. In addition, they are constantly working to stay abreast of the latest research, theory and knowledge within their chosen fields of specialisation.All MGSM management courses are taught through Face-to-Face lecturesMGSM understands that the face-to-face teaching format is a key component to providing a quality management course. Face-to-face means that all lectures in your management course are conducted by an academic on campus, not online or via another mode. At MGSM you can be assured your management course is being taught by MGSM faculty members, not facilitators, course leaders or tutors. It is this very format that ensures your management course will provide the opportunity for higher learning.Quality Students undertake MGSM management coursesMGSM students have maturity and superior work experiences to draw upon throughout their management course. Students are typically drawn from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, each bringing a variety of perspectives to your management course.MGSM students are very motivated people undertaking a management course to assist with career advancement, a career change or for self-development. The typical MGSM student is one seeking to increase his or her knowledge and skills, has a thirst for learning, a desire to actively participate in class and a willingness to learn from others, while enabling others to learn from their experiences.

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