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Loom craft in india

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All our fabrics are hand- woven on fly- shuttle looms with the aid of a jacquard device and on simple back strap looms.

It is here that master weavers work the loom to churn out a plethora of fabrics in various designs and hues to meet the exacting standards, be it of the traditional designs or the custom ordered ones of our very valued and discerning customers.

At Loomcraft, we produce exclusive hand woven silk fabrics from mulberry ( Bombyx mori ) and non-mulberry, Muga ( Anteraea assama ) and Eri ( Philosamia ricini ) Varieties.
We have created blended fabrics using different combination and composition of Yarn. Dyeing is also done using indigenous methods of colouring, using locally available natural dye sources such as back, seeds, flowers and leaves of trees.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Management Institutes

List of management institute in India............

Indian Institute Of Management Ahmedabad

Address : Vastrapur Ahmedabad 380 015Phone : 9179 2630 7241Fax : 91 79 26306896Website :

Indian Institute Of Management BangaloreWebsite :

.................... more details visit

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MBA programs in Bangladesh

Each entry gives the address, (local) telephone contact number, the city or cities in which the MBA program runs, the length of the MBA program with start dates, the country and the course format. The latter is shown by MBA FT for full time course, MBA PT for part time and MBA EX for executive courses. Where the business school offers only a specialised MBA, or offers specialised MBA programs in addition to general management, this is also shown. ............ more details

Dubai MBA courses

The first Indian business school to be licenced in the UAE, the Institute of Management Technology is enrolling now for September 2006 MBA courses. One of the Top 10 Indian business schools, IMT is offering one and two year full-time MBA courses and a part-time MBA. ........more details

MBA in Canada

If you are one of those who seek a high quality of life above anything else, Canada is the place for you. It has been consistently ranked by the UN as the one of the best countries in the world to live in.
Having a large section of students from many diverse countries, Canada offers a truly international educational experience. Furthermore, the Canadian MBA degree is instantly recognized around the world as being of the highest standard.
And you get all this at a remarkably low cost - both in terms of cost of education in Business Schools in Canada and the cost of living. Tuition fees for international students in Business Schools in Canada are much lower than comparable countries.
Canada may just be the place of your dreams. This site gives you an extensive insight into how you can turn your dream of doing a MBA in Canada into reality.
We have information about almost all MBA programs in Canada and the entry requirements for most business schools. ......... more details

MBA programs in Germany

MBA programs in Germany
The following business schools in Germany offer MBA programs. None of these schools currently appear in any MBA ranking guide. ............ more details

Business Schools in Ireland - MBA & Management Courses

BA in Business Management, BA in Accounting & Finance, BA in International Hospitality Management, Certificate in Hotel & Catering, MBA (International Business), M.Sc. in International Business, Management Postgraduate Diploma in International Business, MPC in International Business Management, Professional Certificate in International Business Management ............. more details

MBA Course in Japan - Lambert University Tokyo

MBA Course in Japan - Lambert University TokyoLambert University School of Management offers the weekend MBA at LU's Tokyo learning center as well as the Top Tier MBA program in cooperation with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business. Lambert University's Tokyo Learning Center is ideally situated near Omotesando Station in central Tokyo's Minami Aoyama area, and provides an excellent academic learning environment............. more details

MBA in New Zealand

Combining the benefits of a developed country with the charm of a quiet and peaceful countryside, New Zealand offers some distinct advantages over other countries as a destination for education. An important advantage of the MBA Program in New Zealand is the affordability - getting a degree in NZ actually works out to be cheaper than many courses in other countries.
Another significant advantage is the welcoming nature of the New Zealanders and the relative ease in getting there : NZ has recently opened its doors to students from South East Asia. Getting yourself an MBA in New Zealand can change your life forever.
This site tells you how to get your MBA degree from New Zealand.,........... more details

mba russia

Irkutsk State Technical University
Moscow International Higher Business School "MIRBIS" (Institute)
Kursk State Agricultural Academy "I. I. Ivanov"
Kuban State University
Russian State University for the Humanities
Sakha (Yakutsk) State University
Moscow State University of Food Production (MSUFP)
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Moscow State University of Printing Arts
Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
Rybinsk State Academy of Aviation Technology

For MBA the requirement of IELTS would be 6.5 overall with no band less than 6.0. It is not a mandatory requirement but most of the universities ask f

For MBA the requirement of IELTS would be 6.5 overall with no band less than 6.0. It is not a mandatory requirement but most of the universities ask for it. MBA is offered by EASB Institute of Management for 18 months and also by Informatics Institute for 16 months.

Appalachian MBA students travel to china

Universitys Walker College of Business are learning about international business firsthand with a trip to China.
The seminar is a requirement for the MBA degree and students enrolled in the program participate in an international travel experience as a component of the course.
Throughout the semester, the students explored a range of international business topics through interaction with guest speakers, research, presentations and case analysis. The students will continue their case discussion in China, working in teams with graduate students from Nanjing University...........more details

Victoria International MBA Hong Kong

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) Hong Kong was established in 1990 as the external arm of the Faculty of Business Administration of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). APIB is the vehicle whereby the Faculty makes its fine tradition of teaching and research available to the outside world. APIB's mission is to assist managers and companies in meeting business challenges in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. Surplus from these activities is used to support research and academic enrichment programmes in the Faculty.
APIB has a distinguished track record in providing high-quality education and training to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Quality is assured by the coherence and relevance of the course content and programme design and by the caliber of the teaching staff, drawn primarily from full-time members of the Faculty of Business Administration at CUHK, who teach the No.1 ranking MBA and EMBA programmes in the Asia-Pacific region.
more details

MBA programs in Malaysia

Each entry gives the address, (local) telephone contact number, the city or cities in which the MBA program runs, the length of the MBA program with start dates, the country and the course format. The latter is shown by MBA FT for full time course, MBA PT for part time and MBA EX for executive courses. Where the business school offers only a specialised MBA, or offers specialised MBA programs in addition to general management, this is also shown.

Switzerland mba programs

1 International Institute for Management Development IMD
2 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology College of Management
3 Joint venture of Swiss Federal Institute and Universities of Laussnne and Geneva… International academy of Sport Science and Technology
4 University of Geneva HEC School of Management (Geneva)
5 University of St. Gallen Institute for Media and Communications Management more details

MBAs in the UK

In the case of most postgraduate qualifications, you can move straight on from a first degree to a postgraduate course. While it is not absolutely impossible to take an MBA in this way, it is certainly inadvisable.
Why do an MBA?As Mike Jones, Director General of the Association of MBAs says “The MBA is focussed on themes and techniques applicable to the business world and demands that students bring to it some business theory and experience. What distinguishes it from other business-led masters degrees is that it is both a postgraduate and post-experience qualification,” so apart from a minimum of two years work experience, what qualifications do you need to be accepted by a UK business school?
How to startThe Association’s Salary and Careers survey reveals that around 80 percent of MBA students studying part-time or full-time held a first degree and had achieved a first or upper second. So a good first degree can be said to be the norm.
Applicants are also usually required to take a common entrance exam, and one criterion of how choosy the different schools are is the GMAT score they require applicants to achieve. GMAT comprises tests in numeracy, literacy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Non-English-speaking applicants are also required to take an English language test..... more details

MBAs in France?

French companies are employing increasing numbers of foreigners in senior management, as they are aiming to internationalise their management workforce. Recruiters and Employment Consultants are becoming more and more international and global.
At an important time when globalisation has become a reality, international recruitment is now an unstoppable, vital force. France is inexorably following the general trend initiated by most of the industrialised countries. In keeping with the tradition of pioneering education to meet the demands of today’s society, the top level international MBAs are designed to train future international business leaders who can operate with vision, innovation, organisation and collaboration in a dynamic and changing global environment. The top MBAs have been dedicated to providing leadership, creativity and understanding in international business education, and focus on the development of key competencies and values for international management, such as multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit.

MBA Study in Australia

Apart from the climate and the lifestyle, why would you complete an MBA in Australia? Well, those are two very fine reasons. But in addition, you should consider the location of your MBA, since a good MBA program is not simply about what you study, but also about who you meet and network with for future benefit.
Because Australia is geographically and economically part of Asia, doing business in Australia means understanding business in Asia. Based on its historical links to Europe and North America, Australia has built a cosmopolitan international economy with the majority of its trade now with Asian nations. Most of the international MBA students are from Asia: places such as Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India. Also, there are a growing number of students from North America and Europe. Australia’s MBA students build networks with international students that benefit them in their future career and business dealings. ........... more details

Frankly, it's time somebody told you the truth - dispelled the myths, cleared up the inaccuracies, and laid out both the practical framework and the p

Frankly, it's time somebody told you the truth - dispelled the myths, cleared up the inaccuracies, and laid out both the practical framework and the philosophical underpinnings of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA); particularly if one chooses to pursue such a degree in the United States. It's time for some straight talk, and there is no better time than now.
Get an American MBA in London
When distilled to its vital essence, its vibrant core, the MBA's true worth lies in three areas: educational value, relationship development, and access to opportunity. Let's start with the easiest of the three - access to opportunity.
Let's face it - an MBA is not the Holy Grail. But in some circles of business, you will not have an opportunity to even compete, much less develop and showcase your skills and talents - without first getting an MBA. For such companies, for such industries, an MBA is an "Admissions ticket." It is the price of Admissions for being hired. The reasons for this are many.
Unlike the generation of my parents who came of age after World War II, where the goal was to find a great job at a great company, where pay and job security were assured - a company from which one retired; we live in a vastly different world today. In my father's day, the key was to find the right company, and to work one's way up the corporate ladder. In America, such companies were plentiful - from telecommunications to manufacturing to electronics to the automotive industries - even government. Such companies had strong in-house programs for training and development whereby employees could improve their skills and thereby their lots within the firm. In fact, those with degrees, much less in business, or those with MBAs, were indeed in the minority. Such degrees weren't all that necessary. Such was the business climate of my father's generation. I say my father, because it was also the generation in which a working woman was an anomaly. The world in which we live today, and the one you will face in the years ahead, is an entirely different species......

MBA Programs Worldwide

MBA Programs Worldwide
The Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) is the most popular business qualification in the world, and is fast becomming a prerequisite for management positions.
The MBA is by its nature a general management qualification. An MBA program usually consists of a core curriculum covering the functional areas of management, including information systems, finance and accounting, and human resources, to name a few. The second stage of the MBA course is usually made up of a choice of electives (optional courses), to allow the student to either continue with general studies or to specialise in a particular subject or area. All this is taught through a variety of means, for example, lectures, study groups and case studies.

Management Education in USA

Management Education in USA
Management Education in the United States of America ( USA )
Study MBA in USA
It is talked of as the land of dream fulfillment, of cutting edge quality, of mega bucks and of life as you want it to be.
Whatever you have heard about the U.S., it's true. And getting an education there is probably the simplest and most reputable way of being a part of the great American dream. It's also eminently affordable, if done the right way.
U.S. boasts of top Business schools like Harvard, Stanford and Wharton which are respected worldwide. Information on all this, and lots more, is available here....more details

Study Management in the UK

Business Schools in the United Kingdom
Following are the list of Business Schools in the United Kingdom:
Business Schools in England

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a post graduate qualification at Masters level in business and management.

Duration of the course
Full time MBA courses in the UK last one year i.e. 12 months consisting of 9 months of taught course and 3 months of dissertation or project work. Part time and distance learning courses vary in length.............

more details...

Study Management

Study Management
Business Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is undeniably one of the richest countries in the world. It is also recognized as a financial power, setting trends in the banking system. And what helps the country live up to these titles is the quality of business education made available to the students..... more details

Higher Education in Hong Kong

Higher education in Hong Kong
Higher Education in Hong Kong means any education higher than secondary education, including professional, technical and academic. It is the highest level of education in Hong Kong, regulated under Hong Kong Law Education Ordinance.......... more details

Business Schools in China

Business Schools in China

Study MBA in China
1 China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
International business school based in Shanghai; non-profit joint venture between MOFTEC & the European Commission; offers MBA programmes, executive MBA programmes, executive education etc
2 Guanghua School of Management
Management school at Peking University, rated as among the best in China; offers undergraduate, graduate & doctoral programmes, with a total enrolment of more than 3,000 students .......... more details

Business Schools in Russian

Business Schools in Russian
Business Schools in Russia with MBA Programs
MBA Programs in Russia
Akademie für Volkswirtschaft

Kaliningrad International Business Institute (KIBI)Kaliningrad, RussiaExecutive MBA: MBA Executive Program with a concentration in Strategic Management

Academy of National Economy (AHX) - Institute of Business StudiesMoscow, RussiaOne-Year Full-Time: Professional MBA · MBA in International Business Part-Time: Finance MBA · Euro-Management - MBA in Leadership · Top Manager MBA with concentrations in Management, Finance and Credit Executive MBA: Executive MBA in Strategic Administration · Executive MBA in Strategic Finanaces
more details..............

Higher Education in Singapore

Higher Education in Singapore
When Singapore became independent in 1965 there was only one university, the University of Singapore. Its predecessor was the University of Malaya which was established in 1949 with the merger of two institutions—The King Edward VII College of Medicine and the Raffles College: which had been established in 1928 for the study of arts and science. In 1958, ............

more details

some top education website

Study Management in New Zealand

Study Management in New Zealand
Management Education in New Zealand
MBA Degrees New ZealandMBA degrees are normally from 14 to 16 months full-time. They are very intensive and highly focussed programmes with differing entry dates between the four Universities who offer these programmes. ..............

Business Schools in Netherlands (Holland)

Business Schools in Netherlands (Holland)
Business Schools in the Netherlands ( Holland )
MBA in the NetherlandsTwo of the top global 100 MBA programmes (according to the FT) are based in the Netherlands. The schools are Rotterdam (placed 5th in Europe) and Nijenrode (placed 20th). Additionally, another school, NIMBAS, operates in several European countries, including the Netherlands.......

Business Schools MBA Programs in Japan

MBA programs in Japan

Business Schools in Japan - Management & MBA Programs

The following business schools in Japan offer MBA programs.

McGill UniversityBuilding#11, Room 327, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo , Japan 102 8544, Japa, 102-8554Tel: 3 5215 1383 In: TokyoCourse length (months): 24Start Dates: JunCountry: JapanMBA FT MBA PTSchool of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyama Gakuin University4-4-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,................ more details

Business Schools in IRELAND

  1. Business schools in the Republic of Ireland
  2. List of Business schools in Ireland :
  3. Dublin Business School
  4. Senior College Dun Laoghaire
  5. Griffith College Dublin
  6. European Institute of Communications
  7. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
  8. Grafton College of Management Sciences

more details

Study Management MBA in Germany

Study Management Program in Germany
MBA Programs in GermanyWhy MBA programs?
Earning a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, can provide you with management skills and business expertise that open new career opportunities to you.If you are working in business and are looking to move up the ladder or to move from your current area of expertise to a new one, an MBA program can help you achieve your goals.An MBA program will also launch you into the much higher pay range that upper level managers and executives enjoy.....

Study Management in France

Management Schools In France The business and management schools in France are world renowned. True international MBA programs are offered at these schools. The modes of training at these universities are full time, part time, modular and distance learning. more details --

Management Schools in Canada

Canada MBA Schools and Programs
Canadian Graduate Business Degrees
Interested in applying and studying for an MBA degree in Canada? We have created a guide to help you select a MBA school and program as efficiently as possible. We have included 16 important criteria you should consider when choosing a MBA School. To help in your research, our guide contains detailed descriptions and profiles of 39 MBA schools and over 160 distinct MBA programs. Once the important decision of which MBA school you wish to attend has been decided, the process of applying can begin. Our guide to the MBA application process in Canada will help you know what information to supply in your application. Our MBA guide also includes links to the department's admissions, course descriptions, tuition fees, financial aid, scholarship more details :

Master of business administration (MBA)

Master of business administration (MBA)
Business and management students in Australia have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is uniquely placed between eastern and western cultures and economies. They develop a cultural understanding that, in the era of global development, is quickly becoming an important element of business success...... more details

Study in Dubai

UAE residents have an optimistic view towards education system in the country. UAE has advanced in the field of education within the past few decades.
There is a real awareness about education in UAE which is constantly updating the policy and there is continuous investment in education infrastructure which helps in the country's development. Ministry of Education has prepared a policy which shows the strategy for further educational development in UAE........ more details

List of Management Colleges in Bangladesh

Management Colleges in Bangladesh
With the popularity of MBA courses continuously increasing, there have come up quite a good number of business schools in Bangladesh. Admissions to the MBA programmes of most of these business schools in Bangladesh are done on the basis of the performance of the candidates in an entrance examination. At present there are not many management institutes in Bangladesh that offer postgraduate diploma courses in management, there are more than 800 intermediate level private Business Management (BM) Colleges in ...................

Management Courses

The Bachelors program of BBA at IIPM is ranked amongst the best programs for undergraduates the world over. This is a three year full time residential program and is recognized and accepted by the International Management Institute, Belgium. As mentioned above, the IIPM Bachelors program is currently offered at IIPM's Asian campuses in IIPM New Delhi, IIPM Mumbai, IIPM Bangalore, IIPM Chennai, IIPM Pune IIPM Ahmedabad & IIPM Hyderabad. In the IIPM BBA program, in the first year, the students have to study the foundation courses related to areas like Marketing, HR, Finance, Foreign Languages, Culture, Executive Communication, Quantitative Techniques, General Awareness, History & Literature, Introduction to Management, Introduction to IT systems. In the 2nd year, the IIPM BBA students have to undertake core subjects related to various areas like National Economic Planning, Marketing, Personnel & Industrial Relations, Finance & Accounting, Production, Quantitative Techniques, IT Systems and various other term papers. In the third year, students have to undertake compulsory specializations related to Marketing & IT. Apart from these two compulsory specializations, students have a choice of taking up an additional specialization, namely Finance or Human Resources. Students in the third year also study advanced core papers like Business Policy & Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Marketing etc. Students have to submit a thesis dissertation at the end of the program. The IIPM BBA program is unique in the aspect that students in the final two years undergo as rigorous a course schedule as in the MBA program. Most importantly, BBA students of IIPM, after working for two years in the industry, are automatically awarded the MBA degree. This brings the IIPM BBA students equal in knowledge and industry standing when compared to the MBA program. Another important aspect of the IIPM BBA program is that students have the option of transferring their credits to IMI Belgium and continuing their studies at IMI. IIPM Students join the best companies in the world after passing out from this course....... MORE DETAILS

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Study in UK

Education system in the UK have evolved over hundred of years, and are subject to rigorous quality standards. Education in the UK is compulsory for everyone between the ages of five and sixteen, and is provided by two kinds of schools: State funded and Independent Schools.Every year more than 100,000 international students join British colleges and Universities. Courses some are Accountancy, Business Studies, Management Studies, Art & Design, Architecture, Tourism, Hotel Management, Engineering, Medicine, etc. MORE DETAILS :