Friday, October 10, 2008

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Experts across industries agree: excellent leadership skills are the top competitive advantage a company could have; that's above personnel, operations, or financial resources.
As Med Yones of the International Institute of Management puts it:
"The leadership team is the most important asset of the company and can be its worst liability."
The companies that recognise the importance of great leadership are continually those that rise to the top. Under further analysis, those companies show that their true success comes from a devoted effort aimed at enhancing the most critical personal skills of leaders to develop them into ideal leaders.
The Numbers Are In On Success In Leadership
In their Executive Survey of Leadership effectiveness, Fortune Magazine and the Hay Group found that the most admired companies in the world all had one thing in common: an attentiveness toward nurturing the "emotional intelligence" of their leaders; in particular, a focus on the enhancement of such characteristics as self-awareness and management as well as social awareness and social skills.
As a group, these companies were found to:
be more satisfied in terms of leadership quality be intolerant of inappropriate behavior among leaders Value leadership training and development more highly be more demonstrative of emotional intelligence The attention looks to have paid dividends in human resources for these companies; 83% of those polled reported being satisfied with the effectiveness of their leadership (in contrast, only slightly more than 50% of successful peer groups were satisfied with their leaders).
Not surprisingly, the most successful and satisfied companies are those who understand ongoing leadership training and development to be excellent returns on investment. Our personal experience as leadership training experts concurs. Training after training, our clients report that personal performance of leaders is the key to corporate success; top-level efficiency is an uncanny predicator of business success. ...

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