Friday, January 18, 2008

MBAs in the UK

In the case of most postgraduate qualifications, you can move straight on from a first degree to a postgraduate course. While it is not absolutely impossible to take an MBA in this way, it is certainly inadvisable.
Why do an MBA?As Mike Jones, Director General of the Association of MBAs says “The MBA is focussed on themes and techniques applicable to the business world and demands that students bring to it some business theory and experience. What distinguishes it from other business-led masters degrees is that it is both a postgraduate and post-experience qualification,” so apart from a minimum of two years work experience, what qualifications do you need to be accepted by a UK business school?
How to startThe Association’s Salary and Careers survey reveals that around 80 percent of MBA students studying part-time or full-time held a first degree and had achieved a first or upper second. So a good first degree can be said to be the norm.
Applicants are also usually required to take a common entrance exam, and one criterion of how choosy the different schools are is the GMAT score they require applicants to achieve. GMAT comprises tests in numeracy, literacy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Non-English-speaking applicants are also required to take an English language test..... more details

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