Friday, January 18, 2008

MBAs in France?

French companies are employing increasing numbers of foreigners in senior management, as they are aiming to internationalise their management workforce. Recruiters and Employment Consultants are becoming more and more international and global.
At an important time when globalisation has become a reality, international recruitment is now an unstoppable, vital force. France is inexorably following the general trend initiated by most of the industrialised countries. In keeping with the tradition of pioneering education to meet the demands of today’s society, the top level international MBAs are designed to train future international business leaders who can operate with vision, innovation, organisation and collaboration in a dynamic and changing global environment. The top MBAs have been dedicated to providing leadership, creativity and understanding in international business education, and focus on the development of key competencies and values for international management, such as multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit.

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