Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The McGill MBA Japan is designed for high-achieving, ambitious students interested in making a real impact with their careers. McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management seeks applicants with strong managerial potential.
Admissions are based on many factors. Your undergraduate degree (minimum GPA 3.0) and any further academic qualifications are important indicators of intellectual ability and likelihood of success in our program.
Candidates take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) in addition to the TOEFL, if applicable.
A waiver of the GMAT can be considered for applicants who demonstrate significant academic achievement and or substantial quantitative ability. Waivers are not automatic and will only be considered upon request from the candidate after his or her application has been received.
Applicants must have a minimum of two years of relevant full-time work experience after their undergraduate degree. The admissions committee is also interested in your extracurricular interests and letters of reference. Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview with an alumni or staff member.
Note: Admission to the McGill MBA Japan program is based on a combination of work experience, academic background, standardized tests, and the results of an interview. Candidates with extensive employment experience and/or advanced academic credentials may have certain criteria waived. Please contact our office to discuss your application. more details : www.http://study-japan.info

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